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"On my honor as a human being, I will give zero respect or obedience to counterfeit 'laws' or systems of belief, present or future. I do not give, nor have I ever given, consent to be subject to the whims of the criminal collective known as 'government'. I will strive to avoid aggression, and will defend myself and others in whatever way I see fit against all attacks. I will seek to live as free in my body as I already envision in my mind."

Here are my campaign promises and ideas from my

2008 Presidential campaign:

I am very libertarian in my personal and political views, as codified by The Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP): "No human being has the right, under ANY circumstances, to initiate force against another human being, nor to advocate or delegate its initiation."  Government, being the worst initiator of force, must be eliminated in all its forms, forever.  In the worst case scenario, peaceful anarchy might degenerate into government again if thugs are allowed to live and operate.  We might be back where we began, but we wouldn't be any worse off than we are now.  Let's give it a try.  Maybe we can prevent the spread of the social cancer known as "government" this time.

  Government is BAD. Rights do not come from government, but are inborn in every human from birth. Governments can choose to respect rights or violate rights, but can not legitimately limit or restrict them in any way. Rights supersede any laws issued by any "authority". Any legitimacy a law has comes only from the Right which the law is enacted to protect. Any "law" which seeks to violate, infringe, regulate, license, limit or downplay any Right is abhorrent and must be most vigorously opposed. Or, even, just totally ignored. "America" is not the flag, nor the President, nor "The United States", but is only The Constitution (and The Bill of Rights). These are our country's highest laws, and if they no longer control "our leaders", then those "leaders" are not Americans, no matter where they were born, but are enemies more dangerous and destructive than any other terrorists could ever hope to be. Remember this: The Bill of Rights does not apply to anyone other than government. It is a strict limit on what government is allowed to do. Of course government will try to get around it through misunderstanding, repealing, lying, ignoring, and just generally, treasonously violating it in any way "they" can. This must be stopped. Beware of "laws" with names that sound PATRIOTic. These are often the most violently terroristic.

  "Anarchy" isn't a bad word and does not mean "chaos". It simply means "without rulers". This means YOU are responsible for ruling yourself. It is the only way. No other system ever has worked or ever will.

  Vote or don't. It is up to you. Principled non-voters have my highest respect, since I do not believe voting will make America (or the world) free. Voting only lends an air of legitimacy to an illegitimate system. No country has ever "voted itself free". If you feel that voting is the right thing to do, then vote for Libertarians instead of throwing away your vote on the Tyrannocratic socialist candidates running under the dishonest names of either "Republican" or "Democrat". Simple, isn't it? Remember: The lesser of two evils is still evil. Stop voting for evil.

Make up some of these cards to leave around.

  Democracy is NOT the Holy Grail of Liberty; it is mob rule. It is "two wolves and a lamb deciding on what's for dinner". If every person on earth, except for one, voted to violate the rights of the one hold-out, it is no more "right" than if that one person decided to violate the rights of every other person. Two people (or two billion people) do not have more rights than one person, since rights are not additive. Anarchism, in the form of Unanimous Consent, is the only system that guarantees the rights of each individual.

  Never say or think "There oughta be a law". That way of thinking is a trap that only helps the authoritarians. No one who is interested in liberty should be advocating any new laws, only the repeal of counterfeit "laws" which are drowning America in a sea of law pollution. Any law addressing anything other than actual force or fraud is counterfeit and must be abolished with extreme prejudice. Anyone advocating or enforcing such a law should be treated like the criminal they are. Become a fully-informed juror in the meantime, and remember your 1000 year-old right and obligation to judge not only the facts of the case, but the law's legitimacy (or lack thereof) as well, and if the law is counterfeit, refuse to convict. You may need to sneak onto the jury in order to do this, as judges routinely "fix" the outcome by dishonestly withholding this information from prospective jurors.

  There is nothing that the government touches, that it does not damage. From the disastrous "War on (some) Drugs (Government is NOT your doctor! Even cops are starting to get a clue, but these guys don't quite "get it" yet), to the "Gay Marriage" debate (keep government out of ALL marriages), to the "War on Americans" (Oops, I mean the "War on Terror"), and "Gun control" (more accurately "victim disarmament"), government has shown itself to be completely irrelevent and out of control.

Taxation in any form is theft. There can no more be a "fair tax" than there can be a "righteous rape". The only proper "tax rate" is 0%, on anything, in any circumstance. The tired excuse of "But how will the government pay for the next F-22?" doesn't cut it since the government should not own any F-22s or anything else for that matter.

  Education should be a private affair with no government involvement whatsoever. Vouchers and other schemes only hide the fact that the money is stolen to pay for the education (or indoctrination) of other peoples' children.

  Any government powerful enough to "promote" your religion today, is powerful enough to prohibit your religion tomorrow. Judge a politician's actions; not his cheap words and pious pretense.

  Government has stolen the value of your money by replacing REAL precious metals with fiat money. Federal Reserve Notes are IOUs which are only worth anything because the government says they are. Prices don't go up, the value of your money goes down because it is only paper. Return to using gold and silver which are inflation-proof instead of FRNs which cause inflation. Support those like the American Liberty Dollar who are trying to do something about this problem. They have the US government running scared right now, so the government has responded in the only way they know how: With theft, threats, and massive force.

  Second Amendment is non-negotiable: "Because a very effective, armed population is essential in order for America to stay free and safe, the absolute right of everyone to own and to carry any type of weapon they choose, in any way they wish, anywhere they see fit, cannot be regulated, licensed, or even questioned in the smallest way! "

  I propose a new holiday: Breechcloth Day*. It should be in the summer. Perhaps to replace the governmentally co-opted "Independence Day". It could be a celebration of the end of tyranny, and should of course, be a government holiday, just like every other day of the year should be. Everyone can picnic and wear only breechcloths, and celebrate the anniversary of the Roswell UFO crash of 1947. OK, so this isn't a major issue, but fun is essential in life.

*Breechcloth Day - This idea comes from my nature as a mountain man". Doesn't it sound like fun? Well, if not, you are not forced to participate. That is the beauty of libertarian living!