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If I were Sheriff...

Someone suggested to me that I would make a good sheriff. My dark side likes that idea.

A good sheriff would be a barrier between the people who hired and (voluntarily) pay him and the bad guys (including those who claim to be "governments") at large surrounding them. He would work for them. He would be the main "legal" protection between aggressors and thieves and the people, if they need backup.

Since I care very little (OK, not at all, actually) about whether something is legal or not, but only if it is right, and have no experience in such matters, I would be an interesting sheriff. If I were expected to "uphold" counterfeit "laws", well.... that wouldn't go too far before I got forcibly removed from office by those who demand such silly rules be upheld. Unless people actually get a taste of liberty and decide they like it.

If I were ever to become a sheriff I would:

 Publicly remind all residents that everyone everywhere has the absolute human right to carry guns and other weapons, openly or concealed, without any permits necessary. I would make sure that right is respected in my sphere of influence. I'd deputize every person in the county if state "law" made it necessary.

 Warn all municipal police agencies (if any remain) that if their officers are caught harassing any peaceful people and committing enforcement of any counterfeit "laws" in the county, I will arrest those officers. I will encourage the abolition of police in the county, and will give them zero support, unless they stop living by theft and coercion, and stop enforcing counterfeit "laws" and rules (which would mean they are not "police").

 Announce that any feds who want to commit any enforcement actions in the county will be required to come to me for permission first, and will leave their body armor, weapons, and government issued picture ID in my possession until they leave the area, or face arrest. Any enforcement of counterfeit "laws" on their part will be dealt with like any other violation of person or property. I will remind them that I respect the right of the people to use deadly force in defense of life, liberty, and property against all violators. If their stated purpose for being here is just, I will suggest they stay in the jail cell (hope they aren't afraid of cobwebs and dust, since it hasn't been used since the last feds came for a visit) and let me handle it for them.

 Wear my six-gun, hat, boots, and duster everywhere. Just because it would be cool.

Any towns in the west or southwest interested in recruiting me? I happen to be free now.

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