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Make a public pledge

A good way to take action to undermine the superstitious belief in "authority" and "government" is to show people how unnecessary and silly it is. You can do this by making a public pledge like I did in the local newspaper. The pledge is this:

I will not attack you, steal from you, or intentionally trespass or damage your property. I will also never report you- or cooperate in any way with any investigation of you by any government agent, "authority", or official- for doing things which do not initiate force or involve theft, trespassing, or destruction of private property; even if I personally dislike your actions. I will never support any "law" or policy that violates your self-ownership, private property rights, or even the "least" of your liberties. Not even if I am personally violated by the same "law". Spreading the misery just hurts us all and there is no "fairness" in equality of tyranny.

That's it. It's all that is needed.

It doesn't mean you can attack or steal with impunity, because self defense is a basic human right that can never be legislated away, and I believe in watching out for the life, liberty, and property of others against all violators.

I consider this pledge to be a logical extension of living by the Zero Aggression Principle, which is what makes libertarianism the most consistently ethical philosophy.

This is the only "social contract" I need and it places no obligation on you at all. You choose whether to accept it as offered or to ignore it, and your choice doesn't affect my pledge in any way. You can't beat that deal.

Starve those who enforce for The State! 

I almost never tell you what I think you should do. So you should listen closely this time as I make a plea for your action.

I suggest that everyone immediately cease doing any business at all with any cop or other type of enforcement officer such as an ATF agent. Don't sell them food, clothes, gasoline. Nothing. That's right. Let's starve the monsters to death!

In the old days it was called "shunning" and was used when unrepentant people would not turn from their unacceptable ways. They became "dead" to the rest of the community; sometimes for lack of food and shelter, they died for real. It is time to bring that tradition back.

If you know of anyone who works as an enforcer in any capacity you should refuse to have any dealings with them whatsoever. Unless their immediate family members publicly renounce their corrupt relatives and join in the shunning they too should be shunned.

Why am I calling for such drastic steps? Because without enforcers, The State can't hurt you or your liberty. Because, apart from the individuals acting as "the State", it doesn't exist at all. It is imaginary.

Look, we vastly outnumber these bullies. Isn't it time we let them know who is in charge? I'll answer the question for you: Yes, it is time!

It has been pointed out to me that some family members would have nothing to do with the evil enforcer's career choice and should not be punished, even if they do not denounce the bad guy. Also, that the tax-parasite may have friends and neighbors who would help support them through any shunning and who would be spared in any such action. Some people oddly claim there may even be a few "good cops" out there. If there were, they will get fired the first time they get caught refusing to enforce, or attempting to stop a regular cop from enforcing, a counterfeit "law". If there were still any good cops out there, why are they not refusing to enforce "gun laws" or the drug prohibition, or "tax laws"? Where is the meaningful opposition to the bad (regular) cops?

I realize that this solution is not perfect. So, do what you think is right.

Why target enforcers when there are so many government agencies deserving of abolition? Because we have to start somewhere. They brought it on themselves by declaring war on Rightful Liberty and by siding with those who are imposing tyranny. The IRS should be next. The malignant octopus that is "government" needs to be crippled by lopping off its tentacles, or by removing its head which controls them. The "head" being the sick notion of government legitimacy; it will take years for most people to awaken to this core problem. But that's all it will take. As soon as people get over the superstition, "government" is gone.


Shunning: Exercise Your Right of Association 

In my call to shun enforcers, all I am suggesting you do is to exercise your basic right of association. You have the right to associate with anyone you want. You also have the right to refuse to associate with anyone you do not want around you - for any reason or no reason at all.

You own yourself and you can (and should) choose who to let into your life. Your reasons may be good, or they may be stupid or racist, but the right is still yours. Others also have the right to choose to not associate with you, so don't engage in foolish shunnings lightly. Bullies try to violate your right to associate with whom you choose in every way possible, usually by forcing themselves and their minions upon you. Shunning does not violate the ZAP in any way. Even if you choose to shun the family members who may be enabling the jack-booted, liberty-destroying behavior of enforcers.

Some have suggested to me that to capture enforcers' actions on video to shine the light of day on their behavior is a better, nicer, method of dealing with these vermin. This is happening with greater frequency and may be making some people wake up, but it is also becoming an excuse for cops to beat or kill you after destroying your property. I think surveillance can play a part in bringing them down, but I don't feel it is enough.

You do what you feel is right, of course.